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University: Would I recommend it?

Many students are at the stage I was two years ago. Deciding whether they want to go to university or if they want to go straight into a job or even an apprenticeship. 
I have always wanted to go to university, its been a dream of mine since being a child and I'm finally here and already in my second year. Time goes so quickly.

So the big question is... is university really worth it?
Personally to me the answer is a big yes. 
Everyone has different experiences at university whether your experience is about making friends or going on a night out; they are great experiences but also university itself is such an amazing experience. 
When deciding on the university I wanted to go to, I made sure I chose one where I felt at home. This was a big factor in my decision making because I'm so close to my family and I've only ever lived with my mum and dad so to go from living with them to moving away I knew it would affect me and I needed all the home comforts I could get. 


The Little Princess Trust: My haircut:

As many of you know, I recently had my hair cut short. I wouldn't say it is a bob but for what I'm used to, it is quite short for me haha.
I went for the chop a few weeks back and decided to donate my hair to the Little Princess Trust as I had about 12 inches cut. Rather than wasting it and throwing it away I thought it would be a great idea to pass it on to the charity so that a wig can be made from my hair.
The Little Princess Trust is a charity who create wigs from donated real hair to give to children and young people with hair loss and they also raise money to fund vital research into childhood cancer. 
They offer wigs to anyone up to the age of 24 who has lost their hair due to cancer or other conditions that cause hair loss.
I personally think this charity is amazing for what they do and how they help children feel confident again when they have lost their hair. 
This is one of the main reasons why I decided to help out the charity by giving them my locks when I no lon…

University Room Tour: Year Two:

I'm back! Happy Thursday, I hope you're all having a lovely week. 
This week for me has been the worst week ever and I'm so glad its almost the weekend because I need a rest from uni and I need to have some fun. 
As you can tell by the title, today's blog post is all about my university flat and what it looks like! Last year I lived in an accommodation that I liked but definitely did not love. It was small, so so so unmodernised and I had to share a bathroom and I will never ever put myself through that again haha.
This year I'm living in the Tramshed which is privately rented to students of UCLan and its a dream. It feels like home when I'm away from my family and that is exactly what I needed.
So first of all my desk area.

I love this area because it is where I spend most of my time working and getting things done on my to do list.

The photo wall is my favourite part of my desk area because if I'm feeling sad and homesick I just look at all the amazing p…

Week in Outfits: Uni Edition:

Hey you gorgeous bunch,
I'm back with another blog post this evening, exciting right? haha.
I really wanted to show you my outfits for uni this last couple of weeks because I know a lot of people have gone back to uni or are just starting out and I love seeing videos and posts like this!
So here goes, my week in uni outfits!
DAY ONE: The Monday outfit: Putting a bit of effort into your appearance:
I don't often go for this look because, one, its not always the most comfortable look because of the denim skirt and tights situation but, two, I have to get out of bed earlier and who wants to do that as a uni student haha. However, at least once or twice a week I really like to put some effort in with my appearance in regards to wearing a skirt or dress because it makes me feel more body confident and happy and also I have weekly news days so I like to put some effort in and go for a professional sorta look. 
I adore this cardy because its cosy and easy to chuck on and paired with t…

Back to Uni - Stationary Haul:

Hey you lovely bunch, how are you all?
I've not been on here in a while and I must admit I had one hectic summer this year. I had so many days working which I'm not complaining about because money but I've also been busy with my family and reading all the summer books. 
Now that I'm back at uni and a week in to my second year, I'm really loving having the routine back and getting back to my studies. 
I promised you many weeks ago a stationary haul and I let my blog drift away for a while but I'm back! So here is the stationary haul...
I am a sucker for a stationary haul and anything to do with pens and notepads. Honestly, I will have a cupboard full of notepads that are empty and I will still buy another one thinking I have none left, silly really but a girl can never have enough stationary.
Anyhow, first of all I picked up this gorgeous planner from TkMaxx, they have the most amazing mid year planners so I would 100% recommend. 

I got this one because it has …