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Lonely Planet - My Picture Bucket list:

If I had all the money in the world I would travel everywhere. But I don't so I guess a girl can dream haha.
There are many places I wish I could go to. I have a bucket list that I so want to tick off. I have currently five ticked off already: America, Tenerife, Lanzarote, Amsterdam and Switzerland. In each place I've travelled around and really found the places I love. In America I have been to Florida, Orlando and I've been to New York. In Tenerife I have explored both the north and the south. I think I know Tenerife inside and out.
Anyway, I always get side tracked, I have a huge passion for travel and like many of you know I aim to be a travel writer one day. So, as it's a passion of mine I started exploring the Lonely Planet more and I adore the site and all the materials they create.
For this post, I've decided to explore their site and show you some pictures they have up on their socials and images that others have created too, just so we can all look at t…

My Travel Playlist:

I love travelling and as many of you will know I’ve recently come back from my holiday to Tenerife and I’m gutted! It was such a wonderful holiday and I loved spending time with my family.

For this blog post, I thought I would piece together my favourite songs at the minute that I loved whilst travelling on flight, whilst getting ready on holiday and the ones I loved whilst chilling around the pool.

The playlist has way over 100 songs so I'm going to add a list for you to browse.

So there is a mixture.

I am obsessed with Lewis Capaldi at the minute, he is amazing! I can't get enough of his recent album, obsessed.

I'm also loving all the old summer classics that will always get me in the mood like Summer by Calvin Harris, Whistle by Flo Rida and lastly, Despacito.

Not only the old classics I'm loving the new ones like High Hopes and I Don't Care. These songs are great.

All in all, I think this playlist is just a big pile of all the songs I like and listened too at …

What I do whilst on a plane:

Long flights or flights in general can get boring if you don't have anything to do. I often, however, take way too much stuff in my carry on bag that it becomes impossible to get bored on a flight.
There are many things you can do to keep yourself entertained whilst on the plane. I find it so uncomfortable to nap on a plane, my neck feels awkward on the seat and even rested on the side of the plane if I'm in a window seat. So I rarely nap on a flight.

So what do I do instead...

I love reading a good book, this is the main thing I do when I'm away on holiday. I always take two books and I always finish them both.
I think this is such a handy tip. I know a lot of my friends are not into reading much but even if you pick up a couple of magazines before you head away, I think it's so worth it. 
It's also nice to escape into another reality whilst being on the flight, if you're surrounded by annoying things, you can just get lost in a good book. 


Current everyday eyeshadow:

Hey everyone, how are you? I go on holiday next Friday and I am so excited to head away and sunbathe. Sorry I know I mention this in every blog post recently, I'm just very excited!!
Today's blog post is all about my recent love for eyeshadow. I thought I'd take you through step by step how I apply my eyeshadow and what products I use, including the Naked Heat and Naked Cherry pallets.

So first of all I apply foundation and concealer to my eyelids and the whole of my face, this is my base layer and it makes the eyeshadow much more pigmented in my opinion.
I use the Collection foundation at the minute and although I am finding it quite cakey I think it is great for coverage.

I have got the lightest shade as I'm quite pale but I know as soon as I come home from Tenerife I won't be able to use it anymore haha.

I then use my stay matte powder, my Soph X highlighter and my bronzer/contour to structure my face. I also apply my eyebrows, I use Benefit's brow pomade.

What's in my travel bag?

It's almost time for me to jet set away to Tenerife with my family and I am so EXCITED! I love travelling, so much so I've already been looking for next summer! It's always been a goal of mine to travel write, being able to travel the world and write about it... yesss please.

So anyway, I thought I would share with you all what I take in my hand luggage/carry-on bag for plane rides. I find going to the airport and being on the plane one of the most exciting parts about going away, I'm such a travel nerd!

I often take a backpack with me as my travel bag because it's easy carry as it has two straps and its so convenient for space and fits underneath the seat in front of you.

Sometimes I take a bag but it often hurts my shoulder so much due to the weight... I'm most probably taking too many books and magazines haha.
These are quite small pockets at the side and I probably would put a bottle of water in the pocket but seeing as you cant take liquids through security …

TV series I've been loving...

Am I the only one who is obsessed with tv series? Nope probably not, but omg I absolutely love series.

Honestly, if I could lounge in my living room or in my bed and watch the TV I would, I'm the queen of being lazy!
There has been so many good series out at the minute, but also old classics that I reckon I will love forever. So on this blog post I thought I'd share my current favourites!
Jane the Virgin will forever now be one of my favourite TV shows. I didn't give it a chance when it first came out because I didn't think it was anything I would be interested in. But let me tell you. When I started university in September and I'd already re-watched Gossip Girl twice, I needed something new to watch and this is perfect! I fell in love with this show as soon as I watched episode one. Try this out, if you're uncertain go for it because now I'm absolutely gutted that this is the last season.

Dead to me is another new favourite of mine. There is only one seaso…